Eat My Shortbread is a bakery located in Oshawa, Ontario. The owner, Trisha Bower, is a very friendly and passionate baker who loves to spread happiness one bite at a time. I enjoyed the friendly reception I received when working with the company, and all the staff were very inviting, offering to assist me any way they could. Plus, the access to food and drink was very helpful during the shooting process.


Here is a sizzle reel of some shots from my Eat My Shortbread corporate promotion video.


This is my demo reel, featuring some of my best shots. It is mostly food photos/videos, with some time near the end showcasing my narrative video abilities.


This is my lifestyle video, which explains my life working at a retirement home. In it, I show off a typical morning shift (including tons of food prep), as well as explaining what it really feels like to work with elderly people.


A video showing the effects of anxiety on a person who deals with it on a day-to-day basis. Using lyrics from the band Twenty One Pilots, I created a poem that articulates how a person with anxiety disorder can feel and function throughout an average day. For this video, I directed, produced, and edited the entire video.